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Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2010 by Sarah Long

This blog is moving to Please update your links. Thanks!


Church Fathers on Apostolic Succession

Posted in Uncategorized on July 19, 2009 by Sarah Long

Hat tip: Principium Unitatis (a blog you should follow).


Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2009 by Sarah Long

I’ll be away from the blog during Lent. Comments will be closed. I’ll see you again after Easter.

Update: It seems the only way to disable comments is to make my posts private. They’ll be back up after Easter.

The Title of this Blog…

Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2008 by Sarah Long

…contains a mistake. It should be habemus papam. Darn.

Welcome to My Catholic Webhome

Posted in Uncategorized on June 19, 2008 by Sarah Long

Welcome! I plan to use this blog to explain why I have become Catholic and to answer questions that come up from any readers I might pick up along the way. I intend to take it slowly at first and just deal with issues as they come to me. Please join me for the journey if you’re interested.